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Hello! I’m Hussein

I established Tip Top Computers to feed my interests in technology, in particular laptops and computers.

I also discover many opportunities related to educating power users (video-editing professionals, high-end graphic designers, audio producers, and those who use their computers on regular basis) in selecting the right device that fits their needs.

Much more than just a computer, a laptop is your entertainment, social, business, and education hub. Whatever you want to use your laptop for, I can help you find the right one.


I use affiliate links in my blog posts to make a living out of them. All the blog posts I write have extensive data from reviewers, researches I do, and sometime my own experience. You’re responsible for figuring out features from the sellers’ website, and product drawbacks that might be uncovered.

Hope you like my work and the design of my blog.

Contact me at or by filling up the contact form located in the right side of the screen.

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